About us

Welcome to our website!

Our technological services – in high light the followings - are available:

  • calibration and classification of measuring instruments
  • qualification and classification of manufacturing appliances, cleanrooms and supply systems
  • validating software
  • supervision of measuring devices

Our company was launched in January 2012, but we have been present on this field since the middle of the ’90s, because the WM Laboratory Ltd. works as the successor of the company called Iso-Mér Ltd.

We believe that the values we think important - like high level task doing, accuracy, flexibility, open-mindedness - help us to offer the highest quality service for our partners.

The WM Laboratory Ltd. services not only within national borders but it also does measurings and qualifications cooperating foreigner companies outside Hungary.

The modern, good quality equipments used by us play an important role in our colleagues high quality work, and make the fulfillment of calibration and qualification tasks’ precision requirements possible.



We provide our calibration services in several fields. The measuring process is accredited by NAH (the Hungarian Accreditation Authority) and comply with the criteria of Standard MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

  • thermometers
  • pressure and differential pressure gauges
  • humidity sensors


Our mostly used qualification services are also accreditated by NAH (the Hungarian Accreditation Authority) and comply with the criteria of Standard MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

  • temperature distribution test
  • humidity distribution test
  • cleanroom particles count test


As an accreditated calibration and testing laboratory our profession is measuring. We are looking for the most precise and accurate instruments. From now on we not only suggest the best, but also supply! We are the only Hungarian distributors for:

  • TSI (IAQ and Ventilation Test)
  • Rotronic instruments and devices.