We provide our calibration services in several fields. The measuring equipment used in some of these areas is accredited by NAT (the Hungarian Accreditation Board) (under renewal) and comply with the ISO 17025:2005 standard/norm.

  • thermometers
  • pressure and differential pressure gauges
  • humidity sensors

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Calibrations traceable for national or accepted international standard:

  • flowmeters
  • some force meters
  • tachometers
  • length measuring instruments
  • timing equipments (watches, stopwatches)
  • air velocity meters
  • photometers / UV radiometers
  • pH meters
  • conductivity meters

We provide our services both in our laboratory and at our Partner’s, at the place of installation.

Calibration of equipments, instruments, supply systems’ built-in sensors are done by stripping and professional reassembling.

Measuring in fixed time – adjusting to maintenance or planned breaks – are possible without hindering the operational work.

In case of calibration at our Partner’s place, the needed equipments and instruments are transferred and installed by us.

Although we mainly prefer the full loop’s calibration, we can take on only the sensor or loop’s calibration on request. In this case refining and rating the loops are done according to the technological possibilities.

In cases of laboratory calibrations we provide our clients a return period of up to 3 days and in the event of a field calibration the operation of the measuring loop is suspended for a maximum of eight hours.

Calibrations done by us are satisfy the requirements of GxP, HACCP, ISO-9000, QS9000 quality management systems.

The standards used by us have regularly renewed calibration.



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